The art of being different

In the digital age, we return your photos closer to your hands and heart

We dream together

I carefully select materials for my albums, look for and collect reusable parts, and try to ensure that the products I use are sustainable.

I believe that such an album will be eternal and will remain a memory for you and future generations. Although digital tools make our everyday life much easier, such a true, real and alive photo album will always be an irreplaceable memory and the most valuable impression in your hearts.

I dream of bringing you joy, so that you could dream about your next impressions.


Based on the photos and comments you provide, we create an individual album just for you. Yes, it takes a little time, but it is worth waiting for something that will please you for a long time.


All our albums are carefully selected and durable, we add cotton elements, the paper we use is acid and lignin free, and we pack everything in sustainable packaging.

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Hello, I'm Vaida

I created klevo Albums because I want to share with you what makes me so happy.

At first I made scrapbooks for myself, then for my family or friends. I used to do them because I was tired of losing photos somewhere, constantly scrolling through my phone looking for memories or impressions. After all, it happens to you too, doesn't it? :)

My children's first year, christenings, weddings, our travels - all occasions can have their own separate album. I like to go back to them myself, but I'm not surprised when my boys also flip through them and enjoy the memories.

And why klevo? :) Because klevo means maple leaves in Lithuanian. These maple leaves like album leaves, are colorful and different.

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    Talks in the morning and before going to sleep, talks before waking up and before falling asleep, talks with mother and sister, friends, talks for the heart and soul.

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    Travels from Morocco to Thailand, from the hotel to the tent in the forest, new tastes, sea breeze and bright impressions.

  • Family

    Your best and funniest company, your biggest annoyance or short temper, your whole family that you always trust.

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